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Let's consider what Interior Design means

Interior Design

Interior design is an architecture-related discipline that deals with the layout, construction and general appeal of interior spaces such as rooms and offices. Most of the time, the interior design work is carried out by qualified specialists who enter into contracts with building managers or owners. It can happen during the initial construction or in the event of a renovation.
Interior design

Industrial style

Rough surfaces that show scratches, nicks, non-homogeneous chromatic finishes, materials that reveal their authentic nature, large walls left rough: all these elements combine to define the industrial style.
Interior design

Contemporary style

Difficult to compress into a single definition, because it is subject to constant evolutions, the style of our days responds to a need for cleanliness and efficiency through exact, precise lines.
Interior design

Modern style

The modern style is characterized by strong and simple lines. The kitchens, for example, no longer have a handle, but all have opening systems with throat grip or push pull. If you love modern style home furnishings it means that you love simplicity and essentiality.

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Interior design process steps

When dealing with the furnishing of a home, with the renovation or restyling of any environment, in addition to aesthetic considerations, it is also important to take into account the functionality and practicality of the environments. contacting an Interior Designer is always a good idea because good taste is not enough, you need the right mix of experiences and skills to design any environment, always taking into account functionality. that will have to assume.


The briefing is a fundamental moment because it is where the foundations of trust with the customer are established. It goes without saying that a good relational basis will make the work fluid and above all the customer will let himself be guided if he feels in good hands, enjoying a service where all problematic aspects can be delegated in complete tranquility.

First sketches and moodboards

Surely during the preliminary phases of the interior design, you will have already come up with ideas and inspirations; both the place and the type of customer will have oriented you towards the choice of a style in harmony with the place and with the people. In this phase, intuition is essential to center the mood of the furniture project that will be developed.


If the interior design and planning have been carried out effectively, you will be able to face the construction phase with greater peace of mind, knowing that the unexpected is the order of the day. You will have to be present on the construction site daily and check everything, above all avoid delegating any choice, even the most trivial.

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